Tap on this best online typing test and know your typing speed. This online typing test will let you know your maximum writing speed. Check your wpm for free.

Typing Speed Test is a free online Typing Test and exciting typing games and keyboarding practice. Check your wpm for free now!

Typing test or Typing Speed Test Online is basically used by those who want to check their accuracy while typing or someone who is interested in building their typing speed online. Typing test online is one such software that has interesting keyboard games and has many different tasks through which you can increase the accuracy and speed of typing. This software helps in building better communication skills and reducing the amount of error.

How to use:
  1. Start typing with respect to each words.
  2. Then timer start now.
  3. After 60 seconds typing is automatically stop and restart button is showing.
  4. Show the result of your typing speed.
  5. Click to retry button to again start typing test.

What you may need to know

  Surely, there are many typing speed test apps found online. I have used some of them. Some are good and some are not better than average.  I used my typing learning experience to develop this typing speed test app. This app is easy to use and quite straightforward.

  Do not be frustrated if you find your speed is not very good or even average. Try to figure out why your typing speed is slow in this typing speed test. Are you using the wrong fingers? If so, you can use the other app named as “Finger Indicator.”

  On homepage, you will find two videos. Those videos have some professional advice to enhance your typing skills. You can follow those suggestions. There are other  apps on this site such as Fast Typing, Typing Practice, and Alphabet practice. You may give a try to find if those are useful for you.

  Patience is important if you want to reach the Professional level. Those people who reach the Professional level have surely tremendous typing speed and/or skill.

  I wish you success so that you can reach the Professional level soon. 


  The benefits of Best Online Typing Test. I spend less time hunting for symbol keys and more time solving problems. Check out! It’s the perfect activity if you’re coding and running out of gas on a problem, but still want to be productive.

  Just pop on some music, go over to, and hammer out a typing test, which takes no more than 5 minutes.In terms of next steps for me, my goal is to reach 60 wpm if possible because I still feel that my typing is a bottleneck sometimes.

  Then, I’ll reevaluate whether I need to continue spending time improving my typing. I think beyond 60wpm,, it will be much harder to improve, and my time will be best spent improving my shortcut knowledge. More on shortcuts in another 10x Engineer post!


  The typing practice exercises are strategically modeled to ensure easy learning in three distinct sections – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels.
  They are also categorized systematically into Right hand only, Left hand only, and a combination of using both hands. There are also sub sections of typing easy words and harder ones, short words and longer ones. For experts to test their proficiency there is a list of twenty tongue twisters. Hone your skill with periodic online type test in English.


Publised Date: 10-12-2020
Developer: Vikas Waktariya
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