Text case online or case converter online tool enables you to change your text from lowercase to UPPERCASE, or UPPERCASE to lowercase, or capitalize words in sentences easily. This tool is also known as  text uppercase online,

Convert Case Tool 

 Have you ever had a large amount of text that needed to be converted from uppercase to lowercase or vise versa? Or maybe you need only the first letter of each word to be capitalized in a title or sentence? Whatever task you may be doing, a tool that converts text to a different case can be used to speed up the process of getting your text to be the correct case.

 Fortunately, text case online offers a free tool that is easy to use! Don’t waste your time going through and changing each letter to your preferred case – use our free Case Converter tool!

Using the Case Converter Tool 

 Convert Text Case Online tool is super easy to use! To start, paste your text or string of characters into the top text box. Then, press the button below the text box and your pasted text will appear in the below text boxes in uppercase, lowercase, and invert case.

Convert Text To Uppercase 

 To convert string to uppercase, in the uppercase text box will be your text all capitalized. For example, if you pasted the text 'using the case converter tool is fast and easy' the text that would display in the uppercase text box would be: 'USING THE CASE CONVERTER TOOL IS FAST AND EASY' This will ensure the conversion of text to upper case.

Convert Text to Lowercase 

 What if you are looking to make text lowercase instead of uppercase? This upper to lower case converter tool is simple to use! In this case, copy your text from the second text box down from where you pasted your text. This text box will display text that has no uppercase text. With the prior example, the text in this text box would be: 'using the convert case tool is fast and easy' Try out this tool to convert text from uppercase to lowercase today!

Convert Text to Capitalize 

 Proper case is text written with the first letter of each word capitalized. For example, using the example we’ve used up until this point, the sentence would appear like this: 'Using The Case Converter Tool Is Fast And Easy'

Why are they called uppercase and lowercase? 

 The terms that describe whether a letter is a capital or smaller letter (uppercase and lowercase letters) originates from the mid 1400’s, when print shops stored their letter blocks in cases for organization. The capital letters were stored in one case, the uppercase, and the small letters were stored in the lowercase.

 Today, society has expanded the use of the “case” term to include “title case”, “proper case” and other styles of letterhead.

Use the convert case tool today 

 The Convert Case tool is a great tool to have on hand for instances where you want to make quick edits to text all at once. For your convenience, you can add the Convert Case tool to your browser’s bookmarks for easy access!

Published Date: 03-01-2021
Updated Date: 22-01-2023
Developer: Ovdss Internal
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